We deliver experts to existing DWH-Bi teams in the areas of banking, insurance, telecommunications and retail.

We provide individuals or the entire team for project roles like project manager, architect, analyst, developer, tester, or administrator of DWH-BI environments.

If you are an owner of a company or member of its management and you are trying to find a balance between strategic and operational activities, you have already asked a question, whether your line of business is optimal or not. In order to find out this, we offer our theoretical knowledge supported by standard methodologies of complex business and operational processes - Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Business Process Improvement (BPI).

Large corporate companies

  • telecommunications
  • finance
  • network industries

We will prepare and process framework or detailed process-based models, and we will optimize processes in your company or implement best practice models.

Medium-sized  organizations

 If you need fast and tangible results without extensive analytical project we are here for you.

The consulting is carried out in working meetings. We identify critical activities for optimization and application advice by asking questions and applying decompositional analysis (Crash Analysis).

The result of our cooperation is: 

  • structured description of the strategy and identification of the strategic imperatives
  • decomposing of imperatives into concrete initiatives and tasks for individual areas
  • optimizing business processes in accordance with defined objectives.

Thanks to our long-term experience we perfectly understand the principle of BPR and BPI. We apply them in our solutions primarily in preparation phases of processes and parameters, which need to be defined in the design and implementation of measures and changes. We assume that key areas such as strategy, long-term and mid-term objectives you have as a company are already established. Our contribution may be a practical application that deals with the improvement of your business experience, from the management to performance of detailed activities. The added values is the optimization of costs or increase of revenue.