Outsourcing and complete administration in the context of BI is a phenomenon of our times which offer a comprehensive solution in one package of services without investing to hardware, software in the form of licenses. The company ensures the development of reporting from data extraction through transformation up to publication. Customer gives us his data, defines reports and then he does not care about it anymore.

Business Intelligence

  • reading and complete data processing
  • integration with other systems via an integration platform (SOA, BMP, ...)
  • support for consultants in the identification of data sources, presentation, hot line, problem of error rate
  • providing reports, analytical outputs directly to your PC or smart device without the need to install additional software

MAIND company provides solutions for business intelligence, where the customer pays only for functionality which he is using. As a result, you don’t need to invest in a hardware or software. The cooperation is based on solutions by a hosted SaaS or in a form of temporary personnel leasing provided by our experts.

Excelent working with data

You can also achieve a higher profit at a lower cost thanks to careful planning, monitoring actual performance and fast response to changes. The basis of this is correct and quick evaluation of internal and external data and information.

Performance indicators in real time

Management of the company needs a tool with which they can obtain information about key performance indicators in real time.

Consistent control and reporting

In times of crisis and economic recession, owners, regulators and state institutions insist on more pressure on the consistent control and reporting of the results of the company. This is sometimes up to the level of the individual items.

Managed reduction of it costs

Constant pressure on costs force companies to reduce the price in compliance with quality. As we have experts and we are unencumbered by unnecessary operating costs, we are able to offer highly qualified experts at lower prices. We build solutions on architectures which do not require acquisition costs for new hardware and software. Rapid access and safety go without saying.