MAIND Ltd. Supports and sponsors Richard Varga, Slovakia´s most successful Olympian and Triathlete. There are several reasons why our company supports Richard. At the same time there are also parallels which connect him with our corporate vision. First of all, we see him as promising sportsman, who ranks among the best triathletes and has potential for further growth and development. As a company we support talented people in the IT area. We want to continue training specialists in the field of BI/DWH who will be able to work on projects in Slovakia and abroad. We see Richard’s achievements as an excellent motivation for young people, since they prove, that even someone from our small country can succeed on a global scale.

Another reason and parallel is the complexity of triathlon as a sport, where optimal setting and maximized performance of the human organism are the keys to success. A sportsman must simultaneously master three difficult disciplines: swimming, running and cycling. It requires and enormous amount of training and performance optimization. In MAIND we help monitor and optimize the efficiency of our customers’ companies. Richard works with values such as speed, pulse rate, lactate curve and so on. Our customers are interested in income, profit, gross margin and many other key performance indicators. The objective is, however, in both cases the same – be among the elite in their fields of expertise performance wise.

Richard is a role model for many, not only for triathletes or other sportsmen. He can be an example for all of us with his persistence, great willingness to train and his ability to give his all to achieve the best possible result. He provides instructions for anyone who has the ambition to achieve something in a specific field.

Richard is very close to us, since many of us in MAIND are active sportsmen, some even triathletes. He is an honored member of our team, who shares our team spirit and company values.