10 years since foundation of MAIND, s.r.o.

MAIND company celebrated in recent days the 10th anniversary from its formation. An event “The die is cast” was held in the evening hours 5.11.2015 at Crowne Plaza hotel in Bratislava with the participation of employees and business partners. The company representatives presented at the meeting the history of a company, most important milestones and plans for the future. They appreciated the loyalty of clients and employees and in conclusion they express their thanks to them by introducing “cultural program”.

The company also wants to thank everyone for their participation and support over the past years with the faith for further cooperation on new projects.

If you are interested in how was MAIND company successful for the decade, below you can find milestones of the company.

In early 2005 two separate companies MAIND and ISP were founded. In 2010, following the vision of successful connection, these two companies shared their experience in the field of DWH and BI, and they were merged together and created one company called MAIND. At this time the company was primarily focused on Oracle. A significant milestone occurred in 2013 when the company had its first client, whom it provides BI and reporting based on SaaS. It focuses primarily on finance and telecommunication sector. The decade ends in 2015 which is connected with several events:

  • an increase in the company’s capital, arrival of new partner with “corporate vision”
  • multi vendor strategy (Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Teradata, SAP BO, …)
  • number of DWH and BI experts has exceeded to 50

For the mentioned period, MAIND offered services for a number of important customers who are listed on our website in the References section.

The company currently offers solutions related to company management and it is mainly focused in the following areas:

  • provision of DWH/BI experts for projects (Time & Material)
  • creation and complete report of BI environment (cloud), the provision of HW and SW, delivery of reports and others
  • delivery of DWH/BI “turnkey” solution
  • consulting services – design structure of DWH/BI.

More about our services and technologies. Trained experts guaranteed.

In the near future the company plans to:

  • establishment of a branch in the Czech Republic
  • to focus on Big Data
  • to provide application hosting
  • to focus on supporting internal processes/ BPM.

And finally, further orientation of MAIND is associated with the mission of the company:

„Mission of MAIND company is to help our customers in defining rules, systems and processes, so that the management is able to see and understand the links between the activities associated with operational or financial performance and company value.“

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