About us

MAIND  is a Slovak consulting company which has specialized in the processing of structured and unstructured data since 2005. We offer our clients our expertise in areas such as Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Master Data Management, Operational Datastore, and Enterprise Application Integration.

Our customers are rated among leading companies in the area of banking, insurance, telecommunications, and retail not only in Slovakia but also in Austria and the Czech Republic.

The presence of increasing volumes of data requires new approaches in their processing, and therefore, we pay great attention to Big Data technologies and their real use in practice.

Our services include turnkey projects, expert services, comprehensive reports, customer support environment and, last but not least, BI as a service together with the develop


Štefan Priehoda

Technical director

Róbert Sándor


Rastislav Mičík


Szabolcs Puskás

DWH/BI architect

Martin Pavlík

DWH/BI architect

Jozef Lipovský


Danica Nemečková

Human resources

Andrej Jenčo

Customer support


MAIND company supports Richard Varga who is Slovakia´s most successful Olympian and Triathlete. He works with terms such as speed, pulse rate, lactate curve, etc. Our customers use concepts of income, profit, gross margin, and other terms. The objective is, however, the same in both cases - to belong among the elite with optimal performance!

Code of Ethics

A code of ethics is a tool that elevates the standard of employee behavior, supports the development of ethics and corporate culture, aids the improvement of interpersonal relations in the workplace, and also contributes to the overall improvement of the company’s goodwill.
MAIND expects that all suppliers, business partners, as well as other people who enter into cooperation with the company, to behave in accordance with general ethical principles.

Code of ethics